Alcohol Addiction

The first step in addressing alcohol addiction is identifying that you have a problem.  But then, what do you do?

You could talk to your General Practitioner, if you have one.

Or, if you are on the Gold Coast, you can contact AODS.  AODS stands for Alcohol and Other Drugs Service and they are at two locations, Southport and Palm Beach.  Their contact number is 1300 744 282. All enquiries and discussion with AODS is confidential.

One of the programs that AODS runs is Scrap Book.  Scrap Book is a six session, self-conducted program that you do at home.  It is for people who have drug and/or alcohol addiction.  There is no fee for Scrap Book.  It covers the following subjects:-

  • understanding drug/alcohol use;
  • making a change;
  • staying on track;
  • changing your way of thinking;
  • dealing with difficult emotions; and
  • problem solving and goal setting.

If you aren’t on the Gold Coast, but are in Queensland, there is another alternative to start addressing alcohol addiction.  You can start by ringing ADIS or using their call back service.  ADIS is Alcohol and Drug Information Service.  It runs a 24 hour, 7 day a week telephone service on freecall 1800 177 833.  ADIS can provide you with counselling, information and advice at any time.  It also provides support to family and friends, and to health professionals about alcohol addiction.

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