Unlicenced or Disqualified Driving

Unlicenced Driving / Disqualified Driving

If you don’t have a licence and are found to be in charge of a motor vehicle, you may be charged with unlicenced driving.

While ‘Unlicenced Driving’ is different to disqualified driving (which is viewed more seriously by the Court), being charged and convicted of unlicenced driving can interfere with your ability to obtain a drivers licence in the future.

You may have been caught driving without a licence quite unknowingly – perhaps your licence expired without your attention or was suspended because of an accumulation of demerit points or a high speed offence?

If you drive a motor vehicle and do not have a driver licence, for any reason, you may receive an infringement notice or be dealt with by a court for unlicensed driving.

You should always seek legal advice particular to your circumstances.

What to do next

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