Zak Bagnall

Lawyer Zak Bagnall


Zak started studying Law as he always had an interest in access to justice.  He wanted to pursue a career where he could make a difference. After his first semester at University, Zak knew that he wanted to pursue a career in Criminal Law.

Zak came to Bamberry Lawyers Pty Ltd & Gold Coast Traffic Lawyer so that he could gain practical experience as he studied for his degrees.  He completed a Bachelor of Laws (Class B Honours) and a degree in Criminology from Griffith University. Zak undertook a double degree in Law and Criminology to give himself a better understanding of the criminal justice system.

From his studies, Zak understands that everyone’s situations are different.  He aims to use his knowledge to clarify the often-confusing process of the Criminal Justice System to those who are going through problematic stages in their lives.  By providing clear advice and assistance, Zak helps clients through the difficulties they face.  He knows that losing your licence can be stressful and have ongoing implications for you and your families’ future.  His role is to assist you through this process so that you can return to driving as soon as possible.

Now that Zak is admitted as a Lawyer, he is able to assist you with all your traffic law problems.

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