About Gold Coast Traffic Lawyer

Are you facing court charged with driving under the influence of alcohol or drugs?

Have you accumulated too many demerit points on your licence?

Were you caught driving at a high speed (in excess of 40km per hour over the speed limit)?

Do you need to apply for a work licence or special hardship order?

Mr Sam Jackson, Traffic Lawyer

Hi, my name is Sam Jackson and I am a Lawyer and Man-In-Charge at Gold Coast Traffic Lawyer.

I appreciate how important your Drivers Licence is and I am here to assist you so that you can either stay on the road or have the shortest disqualification period possible given your present circumstances.

When you have never needed a lawyer before, it’s difficult to know who to trust, what to expect and how much to pay. You know that your ability to work depends on your licence. And that you need to do everything that you can so that you don’t lose it, or have your disqualification period kept at a minimum.

So who can help you?


You will not only get the security of fixed cost legal representation – you have lawyers who care about you and the outcome.  Our Lawyers became lawyers to help people – people just like you.

Fixed Cost Legal Representation

You will not only get the security of fixed cost legal representation – you have lawyers who care about you and the outcome.

Our Lawyers are strong advocates who care about their clients.  They are thorough, up-to-date with legislation & case law and will go in to court to fight for you.

How can I afford a lawyer?

You may be wondering how you can afford a Lawyer?  Other law firms would tell you that when you look at losing your licence – how can you not afford a lawyer?  Not all that re-assuring is it?  You can’t get water from a stone.

At Gold Coast Traffic Lawyer, we know that this is a valid concern.  Law firms ask for money up-front in one great big hit and whilst you may be able to pay over a period of time – you just don’t have the ability to come up with the money all at once.  Enter the solution – payments tailored to you.  You only have to ask and we can show you how you can AFFORD LEGAL REPRESENTATION.

What to do next

Experienced representation could be the difference between a fine, losing your licence, or even incarceration!

Contact Gold Coast Traffic Lawyer.  You will be listened to, receive the best advice, have affordable legal representation and a strong advocate who will go in to Court and fight for you.

All you need to do is call and speak to either myself (Mark) or Sam Jackson.  We will ask you questions specific to your case and then give you some initial advice.  If you are happy, you can instruct us to act for you and we will take you through the whole process.  It’s only a phone call.  You have nothing to lose.

I look forward to talking to you and explaining how Gold Coast Traffic Lawyer can help you.