Demerit Points

For all types of traffic offences in Queensland, demerit points apply and may be recorded on your traffic history.

About demerit points

Your traffic history records any offences for which you’ve been found guilty relating to road rules, drunk driving, drug driving, dangerous driving or vehicle registration. With each offence, demerit points apply, which can have negative consequences when too many have been accumulated. Don’t lose your job because you can’t drive to work due to accumulating too many demerit points!
Demerit Points

How Many Demerit Points Can I Accumulate?

If you hold a Queensland open licence, you may receive a warning letter when you gain at least seven demerit points in three years.

If 12 or more demerit points are recorded against your traffic history in three years, you will be sent an ‘Accumulation of Demerit Points – Notice to Choose’.
The choice is between:

Immediate Loss of Licence

Immediate Loss of Licence

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