Special Hardship Licence

Special Hardship Order

A special hardship order allows you to drive under certain conditions when your driver licence has been suspended.

A Special Hardship Order is made by a Magistrate following an Application to the Court. Strict time frames apply for the application and filing of documents – and applicants must meet certain eligibility criteria or the order cannot be made.

At Gold Coast Traffic Lawyer, our traffic lawyers will take you through the eligibility criteria at your first consultation. They will look at your personal circumstances and whether refusal to make an order will result in either extreme or severe and unusual hardship to you or your family.

Our traffic lawyers will then prepare for signature and filing the necessary supporting affidavit material for your application.

The Special Hardship Order Process

The process for filing and serving your documentation can be tricky and it is vital that it is done correctly to ensure the best possible result.

This is especially true because the Magistrates decision is final and there is no avenue for appeal if your application is refused.

Special Hardship Order Conditions

Conditions are attached to a special hardship order issued by the Magistrate.

If you drive outside of those conditions, you will lose your special hardship order.

There is also a further penalty and disqualification of 3 months (in addition to any remaining disqualification applicable).

Have you been denied a Special Hardship Order?

Unfortunately, we often are contacted by people after they have failed to obtain a special hardship order from a Magistrate.

We sadly have to tell them that we can’t help them.  After a Special Hardship Order application has been refused, there is no avenue for appeal.


Let us know when you would like to meet and we’ll return your contact to confirm.

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