Drink Driving

A DUI is a traumatic and confusing event and it is difficult to know where to turn.  For most, it will be your time in any legal trouble and it is terrifying to think of facing prosecution.

It is essential to have strong legal representation.

The decision that you make at this time, can have a life altering effect for you now, as well as your future.  It can even put your family’s future in jeopardy.

The possibilities you could face with a drink driving conviction may be lost wages (or even losing your job), embarrassment, inconvenience, a significant fines and the loss of your licence for a substantial period of time.

These are serious consequences.  But you are not alone.  We are here with the experience, knowledge and dedication to guide you through this difficult time.

Repeat offenders, particularly those with more than three high range alcohol readings within a 5 year period, face mandatory terms of imprisonment.

The Magistrates Court views the charge of Disqualified Driving seriously.  It is a charge that could result in imprisonment for your first offence.  Don’t take the risk with your liberty.  Consult traffic lawyers who can help you through the process.

What to do next

Experienced representation could be the difference between you walking out of court or being escorted to the watch-house.

It is important that you have legal representation that is experienced in dealing with traffic law offences.

The Queensland legislation regulating the use of motor vehicles on this state’s roads is continuously evolving and expanding. Mandatory disqualification periods are imposed for offences including speeding in excess of 40 kmph over the speed limit; to driving under the influence of alcohol or drugs; driving whilst disqualified by a court order; to dangerous driving causing death or grievous bodily harm. The court imposed penalties can range from fines to imprisonment. Some areas of traffic law can be complex, so it is important that you obtain effective legal representation to examine your matter and provide advice as to how it should be best dealt with in a timely and cost effective way.