Removal of licence disqualification

Licence Disqualification

A court can order removal of licence disqualification on application.  If your drivers licence was disqualified in Queensland for a period in excess of two years, you can make an application to get your licence back, subject to certain conditions.  This also applies to an absolute drivers licence disqualification.

You must have already served at least two years of the licence disqualification before you make your application.  The two year period starts from when the Court disqualified your drivers licence and does not include any prior period where you were suspended due to the operation of a traffic law.

The application is only available if your licence disqualification was imposed by a Court in Queensland.  There are rules as to which Court the application is commenced in.  Our Traffic Lawyers are experienced in making Application for removal of a disqualification and can assist you through the process.

When you contact one of our Traffic Lawyers, we will check whether you are eligible to make an application.  They will need to see your criminal and traffic histories, including interstate history if applicable. We can tell you how to go about obtaining these documents.

If you are not presently eligible, our Traffic Lawyer will advise you when you will become eligible.  Due to their experience in traffic law, our Traffic Lawyers will also discuss with you options you can do in the meantime so that your application for removal of disqualification will be successful when the time comes.

The Application for removal of licence disqualification must include supporting affidavit and documentation. It can take around 8 weeks for a Court to hear your application.  The material has to address any concerns of the Court if the removal of licence disqualification is made.

An application for removal of licence disqualification is a complicated process, particularly if you have received cumulative disqualification periods.  Don’t risk your chances of success by using an inexperienced lawyer.  Contact our Traffic Lawyers to see how we can help you.