Changes to the road rules are coming. Penalties are increasing. And three major, and commonly broken, road rules – Failing to Wear a Seatbelt, Failing to Stop at Red Light, and Speeding – will have higher fines and demerit point penalties, from 1 July 2022.

The Department of Transport and Main Roads state that the number of deaths on our roads has increased over the last 3 years.  Because breaking these three road rules are major contributors to the higher death rate from road accidents, higher penalties will be imposed.

For example – did you know that drivers or passengers not wearing a seatbelt are nine times more likely to be killed in a crash? Yet, many people continue to drive without a seatbelt, putting themselves and others at risk.

Failing to Wear Seatbelt

The fine for Failing to Wear a Seatbelt (driver OR passenger) will be increased to $1,078.13. And the Demerit Points are increasing to 4.

Failing to Stop at Red Light

The fines for Failing to stop at a Red light, Yellow light, or Bus light will now be $575.00.


The biggest change is coming to how speeding offences are broken down into ‘intervals’. Previously generous intervals are now more strictly applied. Fines are increasing for every level of speeding offence.

The new intervals & penalties are:

1-10 km/h – $287.50

11-20 km/h – $431.25

21-30 km/h – $646.88

31-40 km/h – $1,078.13

>40 km/h – $1,653.13

For more information on the Road Rules in Queensland, visit the Transport and Main Roads website.

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