Commonly, people believe that they don’t need a traffic lawyer for a work licence application.

At Gold Coast Traffic Lawyer, we understand that money is tight. We offer solutions so that you can afford a lawyer and stay on the road – just ask us how.

Here are five reasons why you should use a traffic lawyer to prepare and advocate for a work licence:-

1.  Your drivers licence is valuable. Without it, you may lose your job or your house. It can cause devastating financial consequences.

2.  You know from the outset whether you are eligible for a work licence. Every day, people make work licence applications that they simply aren’t eligible for. This wastes your time and effort and no matter how sympathetic the Magistrate is to your situation – if you aren’t eligible, you won’t get a work licence.

3.  A Traffic Lawyer’s affidavit material addresses all legislative requirements for getting a work licence. Your affidavit material is the evidence before the Court that enables it to make the decision about whether to grant a work licence or not. It has to address all of the legislative requirements. Not just some. Without it, your Application cannot succeed.

4.  A Traffic Lawyer is an experienced advocate. If you find public speaking overwhelming then appearing in Court is a nerve wracking experience. What do you say when the Magistrate asks you why you should have a work licence? Do you know the legislation and relevant case law? A Traffic Lawyer will go into Court and fight for your licence. A Traffic Lawyer has the answers to any questions raised.

5.  There is no right to Appeal a Magistrates’ refusal to grant a work licence. Some people do successfully make their own applications for a work licence. However, if it goes wrong, there is no right to appeal a Magistrates’ decision. Just see this case where the District Court Judge found that the Appellant probably should have received a work licence. However the Judge found that there was no jurisdiction to hear the appeal. So the Magistrates refusal to order a work licence stood.

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