Let’s consider a scenario for a moment –

You are pulled over by the Queensland Police for speeding.

Although we use the example of speeding, it could also be any traffic offence such as not wearing your seatbelt or even running a red light. Before you are given the speeding ticket, the Police Officer asks you why you did the thing that they just told you that you did.

What do you say?

Well.  Watch this animation and see some things that you might not want to say if you are caught speeding.

But what should you really say to Police?

You need to be mindful that whatever you answer the question with, can be used as evidence at trial.  You have the option to contest your speeding ticket and the matter then proceeds as a court matter to trial.

Whatever your response is, the Police Officer will write it down in his police issue note book and it is referred to when s/he gives evidence at trial.

So if you don’t think you did what the Police Officer is saying – DON’T SAY ANYTHING.

Under the relevant legislation, you are required to give your full name, date of birth and address.  You are required to hand over your drivers licence or produce it to a Police Station if you do not have it on you.

You aren’t obliged to answer any questions in relation to the alleged offence.  You can POLITELY refuse.

It is up to the Police to prove the allegations against you.  If you give a reason, your confession fulfils  this requirement and then it is up to you to show that there was an extra-ordinary emergency.

Think before you speak.

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