The law concerning drivers licensing is complex and often confusing. It is a common area for misunderstanding of the consequences of a driver licence suspension verses a driver licence disqualification.

In short, a suspension is typically imposed by Queensland Transport for reasons such as unpaid fines or the accumulation of demerit points. You should receive written correspondence from Queensland Transport notifying you of the impending suspension. Importantly, once the suspension period is over, you do not need to re-apply for your licence – the suspension is simply lifted and your licence will revert to a valid one.

Disqualification, on the other hand, is always a Court order.  It will typically flow from convictions for certain traffic offences (such as drink driving or dangerous driving). You will not receive any prior notification of the disqualification. The Court will make the order at the time of sentencing and it will apply immediately.

Following disqualification, you must surrender your licence to the Court or Queensland Transport  as it is an offence to possess a disqualified licence. Once the disqualification is over, you will need to re-apply for your licence. Depending on how long you were off the road and what offence/s you were convicted of, you may also be made subject to restrictions on your licence (such as a no-alcohol condition or a requirement to fit an interlock device to your car, or a reduced number of demerit points).

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