The introduction of Mobile Phone Cameras in Queensland

Mobile phone cameras became active throughout Queensland on 26 July 2021. In addition to fixed cameras, which have been placed in areas where crashes or fatalities have occurred, there are also portable cameras in use across the State.

What is the punishment for using my phone?

If you are caught using your phone whilst driving, you won’t get off lightly – not only is there a $1,033 fine, but 4 demerit points will also be added to your traffic history.

If you are caught using your phone more than once in a 12 month period, double demerit points will be added to your licence.

What does ‘using your phone’ include?

Use of your phone means holding the phone in your hand or resting it on any part of your body. This applied even if the phone is not being operated.  The Mobile phone cameras will detect if you have your phone resting on your lap, for example, and you will be charged, even if the phone is off at the time!

When can you use your phone?

There are limited circumstances where you can use your phone whilst driving, and whilst stationary in your vehicle.

Whilst driving – you can have the phone in your pocket or a pouch worn by you, if it is kept in a way that does not allow you to operate the phone other than by voice, and does not allow you to see the face of the phone.

Whilst stationaryyou are able to use your phone to produce ID, if required by a Police Officer or another authorised person, and to pay for goods or services (for example in a drive-through).

What can you do if you receive an infringement notice?

Your infringement notice will include photographs taken by the mobile phone camera. If you do not accept that you were using your phone, there are avenues to dispute the fine with the Camera Office or you can elect to have your matter heard by a Court. If you accept the fine and will lose your licence as a consequence, you may be eligible to apply to the Court for a restricted licence.

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