The Queensland legislation regulating the use of motor vehicles on this state’s roads is continuously evolving and expanding. Mandatory disqualification periods are imposed for offences including speeding in excess of 40 kmph over the speed limit; to driving under the influence of alcohol or drugs; driving whilst disqualified by a court order; to dangerous driving causing death or grievous bodily harm.  The court imposed penalties can range from fines to imprisonment. Some areas of traffic law can be complex, so it is important that you obtain effective legal representation to examine your matter and provide advice as to how it should be best dealt with in a timely and cost effective way.

A loss of a driver’s licence can impact significantly on your work and family life.  Our legal representatives understand that you want the best result possible.  They will make full and considered representations on your behalf so that the Magistrate is fully appraised of your personal circumstances.  We aim to achieve the shortest disqualification period possible for our clients.

If you are eligible for a work licence or a special hardship licence, our experienced traffic lawyers will advise you of the benefits and disadvantages associated with these types of licences.  If you have been previously disqualified for a lengthy period, once two years has elapsed, our lawyers can make an application to the court to have the remainder of your disqualification removed.

Our office provides cost effective legal representation by providing you with the certainty of a fixed fee so that you are aware of how much your costs are going to be before you proceed with your matter.

Should you wish to plead guilty or to take your matter to trial, our experienced lawyers can assist you.  Contact us now.