If you are charged with a low range drink driving offence, you may be eligible to apply to the Magistrates Court for a restricted driver’s licence for work related purposes (generally called a “work licence”).

Strict eligibility criteria applies. Generally, at the time of being apprehended by Police for drink driving:-

  • You must have a current Queensland provisional or open driver’s licence for the vehicle type that you were driving;
  • Had a blood alcohol level of less than 0.15%;
  • Weren’t driving for your job or already on a work licence;
  • Weren’t driving under a licence that required your blood alcohol level (BAC) to be zero (for example – if you were under 25 on a learners or provisional licence);

When you make Application for a work licence to the Magistrates Court:-

  • You must plead guilty to the offence, or be found guilty of the offence;
  • You must have a current Queensland provisional or open driver’s licence;
  • In the last five years you have not:
    • Been convicted anywhere of drink driving or a similar offence;
    • Been convicted in Queensland of dangerous driving;
    • Had a licence suspended or canceled (except in some circumstances).

If your reading is between 0.1 – 0.15, then under new amendments to the legislation, you are immediately disqualified from driving until your matter is dealt with in Court.  You should urgently contact us so that we can make the necessary application to enable you to drive until your matter is dealt with.

In order to be successful for a work licence, the Magistrates Court must be satisfied that:-

  • You are a ‘fit and proper person’; and
  • That if you don’t get one this will cause you or your family extreme hardship by depriving you of your means of earning a living.

A work licence is granted for dates and times as ordered by the Magistrates Court.  A log must be kept by the driver to confirm the work-related purposes for which you are driving.  Having a work licence does not entitle you to drop the kids off at school, drive to the shopping centre or visit your grandmother.  Your licence must be used for only work purposes at the dates and times set by the court.

Do you want to apply for a work licence?  Contact us now.

Should you exceed the demerit point limits applicable to your class of driver’s licence, Queensland Transport may call upon you to elect between a licence suspension or a good behaviour driving period of 12 months.  If you accumulate more than 1 demerit point during the period of good behaviour, Queensland Transport will suspend your driver’s licence for double the original suspension period offered.  Should this suspension cause you (or your family) financial or extreme hardship, you may be eligible to apply to the Magistrates Court for a Special Hardship Order.

Strict eligibility criteria applies and your Application must be made within 21 days of the suspension commencing.  Contact us now.