Special Hardship Application Changes

Special Hardship Application time frames have changed following a review by Queensland Transport authorities.  Strict time frames did apply for making a Special Hardship Application.  However, the 21 day time frame has now been removed and a person can make a special hardship application at any time.

A Special Hardship Order is made when a provisional or open drivers licence has been suspended.  It enables a person to drive for specific reasons under restricted conditions.  You cannot obtain a special hardship order if you are on a learners drivers licence.  There are other elements that may disqualify you from making a Special Hardship Application.  

In order to apply, you drivers licence must have been suspended for either accumulating too many demerit points and not having successfully completed a good behaviour driving period.  Or if it was suspended because you have been charged with a high-speed driving offence (41km per hour or more).

In order for a Magistrate to make a Special Hardship Order, you need to satisfy strict requirements.  This includes that you are a fit and proper person to continue to drive on Queensland roads.  And that you (or your family) would suffer extreme financial hardship. Or that you (or your family) would suffer severe and unusual hardship.

An application for a special hardship order is a complicated process that cannot be made unless the Magistrate is satisfied that you meet the criteria.  Don’t risk your ability to drive.  Contact Mark Bamberry or Sam Jackson by email to discuss special hardship applications and how we can assist you.  

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