Legal privacy is a serious issue and at Gold Coast Traffic Lawyer, we treat it that way.

Unless you are a teenager, it’s not all that cool to be appearing in Court. It’s embarrassing for most. And not something you want others to know about.

You made a mistake. Maybe you miscalculated how much you had drunk or you woke up after a big night and thought you were okay to drive.  And now you have to appear before the Court. You know that you are going to get a penalty for it. If you are applying for a work licence, you’ve already had the embarrassment of having to tell your employer.  But the penalty doesn’t have to include public embarrassment or humiliation.

You may wonder why we don’t have a list of our results on our web-page like other traffic law firms do.

We believe your privacy is what’s most important. Not boasting about how good we are. At Gold Coast Traffic Lawyer, we believe your interests are far more important than our ego. Unlike other law firms, we don’t do press releases. We don’t comment to media about your matter. We don’t actively seek to be on TV or in the newspaper at your expense.

Inevitably in high profile cases there will be media interest.  However, we see our job as one that protects you as much as possible from unwanted publicity. We don’t need to boast about our results – we know they are good. We care about our clients and part of that, is making sure they are comfortable with the whole process and outcome. Not feeling like they don’t want to go home or back to work because everyone knows about their court matter.

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