Interlock Program

Charged with a drink driving offence? You might be required to participate in the Interlock Program. What is the Interlock Program? The Interlock program is a program designed to prevent people who have been charged with a drink driving offence from doing the same thing again. If you have been convicted of a high-risk drink…

New Automatic Licence Suspensions in New South Wales

New South Wales legislation will change for all first-time offenders on low range drink driving & drive with illicit drugs present in saliva/blood charges from the 20th of May 2019. What is low range drink driving? You are considered to have committed a low range drink driving offence if you are the holder of a…

Legal Privacy

Legal privacy is a serious issue and at Gold Coast Traffic Lawyer, we treat it that way. Unless you are a teenager, it’s not all that cool to be appearing in Court. It’s embarrassing for most. And not something you want others to know about. You made a mistake. Maybe you miscalculated how much you…

Legal Advice

Have you been picked up for drink or drug driving on the Gold Coast or in Beenleigh?

Do you need legal advice?

Do you need a work licence?

Our experienced traffic lawyers, Sam Jackson and Mark Bamberry, are available to take your phone call in relation to any traffic related question you may have.

Sam can be contacted on 0431 073 977.

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Gold Coast Traffic Lawyer – Work Licences

Gold Coast Traffic Lawyer is a specialist division of Bamberry Lawyers.  Mark Bamberry and his team are experienced advocates who attend Court most days and have the knowledge base that comes from lawyers who practice this type of law each day, every day – not just every now and again. If you are charged with…

Work Licence

If you are charged with a low range drink driving offence, you may be eligible to apply to the Magistrates Court for a restricted driver’s licence for work related purpose (generally called a “work licence”).

Drink & Disqualified Driving

It is essential to have strong legal representation. A DUI is a traumatic and confusing event and it is difficult to know where to turn. For most, it is their first time in any legal trouble and it is terrifying to think of facing prosecution.