Licence Disqualification
Removal of licence disqualification

A court can order removal of licence disqualification on application.  If your drivers licence was disqualified in Queensland for a period in excess of two years, you can make an application to get your licence back, subject to certain conditions.  This also applies to an absolute drivers licence disqualification. You must have already served at…

SHO, work licence
Work Licence

You can apply for a restricted work licence if you have been charged with drink or drug driving. You cannot if your offence is driving under the influence of alcohol or drugs. Or failing to provide a specimen of breath (at a police station).

Drug Driving

Drug testing is done via roadside tests for the presence of active ingredients in cannabis ecstasy and amphetamines by a simple saliva sample. A positive result means an immediate 24 hour suspension.

Drink Driving

A charge of drink driving (DUI Drink Driving) can have severe impact on your way of life if penalties such as loss of licence are imposed.  Imagine not being able to jump in your car for a quick run to the shops, or even to drive to work!?

Special Hardship Application
Demerit Points

In Queensland, demerit points are recorded on your traffic history when you commit a traffic offence. Too many demerit points may mean loss of licence. Don’t lose your job because you can’t drive to work because you have accumulated too many demerit points!

work licence
Dangerous Driving

Dangerous driving or ‘dangerous operation of a motor vehicle’ is one of the most serious traffic offences in Queensland and therefore if charged, you should seek representation immediately.

Unlicenced or Disqualified Driving

If you don’t have a licence and are found to be in charge of a motor vehicle, you may be charged with unlicenced driving. While disqualified driving is different (and is viewed more seriously by the Court), being charged and convicted of unlicenced driving can interfere with your ability to obtain a drivers licence in the future.

Special Hardship Licence

A Special Hardship Order is made by a Magistrate following an Application to the Court. Strict time frames apply for the application and filing of documents – and applicants must meet certain eligibility criteria or the order cannot be made.